QuakeCon Steam sale starts with 75% off id games

Shacknews, you may know, began life in 1996 as Quake fansite Quakeholio, so QuakeCon has always been a bit special for us. How marvellous, then, that Steam is holding a mighty QuakeCon sale, kicking off with a daily deal that gibs 75% of the price ticket of every id Software game.

The sale means you can, for example, get Quake for $2.49. Or get the first three Quakes and all their expansion packs for $7.49.

And you surely can't pass up the first two Doom games and their expansions for only $3.74.

Or maybe you missed Rage's DLC 'The Scorchers' and will give it a punt at only $1.24.

Or or Wolfenstein or Heretic or Hexen or Doom 3's BFG Edition or Quake 4 or Rage or oh Commander Keen or or or look it's id (and id-related) games really cheap.

id's sibling company Bethesda also has games it's made and published in the sale, though they're only 25% off for now--best to wait until they come round in daily deals over the next three days.