Weekend Confirmed 175 - Saints Row: The Third, Disney Infinity

By Ozzie Mejia, Jul 26, 2013 11:00am PDT

Jeff Cannata is still in the outback, learning to play the didgeridoo. That leaves host Garnett Lee back at the homestead with The Escapist's Andrea Rene and Shacknews' Andrew Yoon and Ozzie Mejia to continue bringing you the best in games. This week, Garnett discovers Saints Row: The Third for the first time and he tells you why he's not completely enthused by it. Talk shifts to the upcoming Super Smash Bros. and Nintendo's bizarre aversion to YouTube, before Andrea talks about some of the big games on-hand at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. The show ends with a big discussion about the Xbox One's recent policy announcements before sending you into the weekend with a new round of Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 175: 7/26/2013

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  • I'm a guy, who's also a virgin at 23 so I don't have experience dealing with women that way (not saving myself for marriage, and I've had plenty of opportunities, not the point). But I don't believe that when a female cosplayer dresses up as a really sexy character when the boobs are almost falling out, that she should be offended if some guys look at her chest. And this should be a general rule, cause when a woman has cleavage it's NEVER accidental, if you don't want guys to peek then cover them up. And women can't deny that when they see that a guy is wellhunged to the point where you can see the outline, maybe is shirtless with a sixpack that they don't look too. Sure if they come up and starts talking too your boobs then that's inappropriate.

    I've actually heard and seen alot of guys going up to the women who cosplay to take a picture, and are immortally afraid of touching them and instead of just relaxing and putting their hand on their shoulder or maybe waist, their hands just hover which is really creepy because its screams insecurity. Cause alot of the guys who go there to a weird degree respect women so much they almost think a hand on the shoulder is almost like trying to motorboat them.

    But I also think, and many of my female friends agree with me on this one, some of who are also hardcore gamer and knows about the industry, that we have started to use the word sexism way to liberally lately. One of the worst thing I see is when there is a hot female character, and everyone jumps at the bandwagon of "this is just to make young boys look at females as objects, that is not what real women look like". Well guess what, I sure as shit do not look like Kratos, and a friend of mine recently said she would let him f**k her in a heartbeat, and every single one of my female gamer friends has the most gigantic crush on the model that plays Male Shepard. I guess for women it might be different but I don't really feel offended that they want to use them as their personal sex toys.

    The real places where the industry has problems are the guys who said the reason ME3s ending sucked was because of the female writer, or the girl getting harassed at EVO last year. And commenters on GT criticizing Jessica chobot on the bonus round recently because of what she was wearing, or that period where she changed her haircut and the youtube comment page was all about how she was now "ugly". But that last one is more of a problem with people who are in the spotlight. Like those fashion shows that are strictly about criticizing what celebrities wear on the redcarpet or whatever (there must be a special place in hell for those people, and where the women usually are way more nasty then the men).

    Lets just be very blunt here. Andrea is an insanely beautiful woman, and is pretty much a geeks dream girl, especially since I tend to get a crush on redheads. But I could never find her attractive if she turned out to be a complete airhead, she actually seems like a smart woman that doesn't take everything so seriously and isn't a prude. And I really don't have a problem with thinking that she is hot and at the same time respecting her opinion (even if we don't always have the same views, just like Garnett or Jeff) and also look at her as a person with valid points. Heck her opinion is way more valid then mine since she has found a way to get paid to do what she does, while all the work I've done for different gaming sites has been for free. So when she says it's hard to walk that line between wanting to feel sexy without being objectified I would say she is already there. She gets to do what most of us listeners would kill for and get paid for it, are there some that watch her show just because she has a pretty face? Sure, but the same can be said about weather girls.

    The world is full of double standards and it goes both ways. If I'm extremely drunk and starts pulling my hand down the pants of a girl after just talking to her for 5 minutes, i'm a pervert and possibly a rapist. But the times that has happened to me, i'm the "weirdo" for not banging her at the clubs toilet. I'm not trying to make myself out to be this great stud or anything as I've said i'm a virgin, but I've had women becoming very offended that I didn't take them up on their "offer".

    I could go on, but instead I'll leave you with this: (and answer the potential flood of hate responds)

    In the end I don't believe that there is more sexism in the gaming industry anymore then there is in the world in general. If you want to see some REAL sexism you should just watch Fox News or follow the politics of the republican party in general.