Nvidia Logan brings Kepler technology to mobile

Nvidia's 'Project Logan' is the company's next-generation mobile processor. And the GPU embedded in the chip is based on the Kepler architecture found on PC. That means upcoming mobile devices can support the same features that high-end desktop cards can: OpenGL 4.4, DirectX 11, tessellation, deferred rendering, etc.

Logan takes advantage of Kepler's "efficient processing cores." The result is a chip that only draws two watts of power, or as Nvidia points out, less than one-third the power of GPU in the latest iPad.

To showcase how impressive Logan is, Nvidia demonstrated its "Ira" demo in real time. When it originally debuted, it was running on a Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan. In the following video, it's running on Logan:

Epic Games' Tim Sweeney says that the upcoming chip will "open up the mobile front" of their cross-platform strategy for Unreal Engine 4. In fact, the company already has UE4 demos running on the Logan chip. "It's all running on a chip no bigger than a fingernail, and is just a taste of what mobile Kepler will make possible," Sweeney said in a blog post.

Here's another tech demo to gawk at: