Map your face with Kinect in Xbox One games

With Xbox One, Kinect is always staring at you, silently judging you. But having an integrated camera system with a console has its benefits. For example, you'll be able to inject yourself into upcoming Xbox One games.

At a Comic-Con panel, Microsoft showed off how it could possibly work. Using Kinect, Nick Burton, lead of new technology at Rare, produced a mask of his own face that could be mapped to in-game models. "You can now import your own face geometry and even your BMI onto character models in the games," a report by IGN points out.

"The whole game also tracks your face during gameplay and will reproduce your real life facial expressions on the in game models," the report added.

Rare is no stranger to importing real-life players into games. Not only was the developer responsible for the stylized Avatars on Xbox 360, but the company experimented with face-mapping with the Game Boy Camera as well. Rare had planned to use the peripheral to import faces for use in Perfect Dark's multiplayer on N64--but that was eventually scrapped.

Because these are so-called "system level features" and will be available to any game that chooses to use them. Seems like it's time to hit the gym--you do want to look your best in front of Kinect, right?