Magicka: Wizard Wars gameplay trailer reveals WvW violence

March's announcement of the PvP-only Magicka: Wizard Wars was a funny one, as though we did all zap our wizard chums with friendly fire for kicks in Magicka, half the fun was the plausible deniability of having monsters to kill. Still, it's looking pretty in the first gameplay trailer, released today to announce alpha signups are now open.

If you want to play the ridiculous action-RPG's PvP spin-off, you can go sign up for alpha testing now. As more people sign up, those who get in will receive increasingly fancy bonus gifts.

Wizard Wars is due on PC next year. It's developed not by Magicka creator Arrowhead Game Studios, but rather publisher Paradox Interactive's own Paradox North studio.

This trailer does have gameplay, honestly, coming after the cinematic jazz: