Watch Dogs 'too expensive' to be a one-off

Of course Watch Dogs is going to be a franchise. It is from the company that has successfully annualized the Assassin's Creed franchise, after all.

"That's what all our games are about; we won't even start if we don't think we can build a franchise out of it. There's no more fire and forget--it's too expensive," Ubisoft director of marketing Tony Key said. "We feel like we're in a really good place with Watch Dogs, but until we're the biggest game of the year we're not going to be satisfied."

"For us, we have ambitions beyond any new brand that we've ever introduced as far as sales. We want it to be the biggest new brand ever introduced in the video game space," Key told [a]listdaily (via IGN).

Watch Dogs also benefited because of the recent NSA PRISM scandal, something his department was able to quickly capitalize on. "At one point in Watch Dogs, Aidan taps into the surveillance system of an apartment building and he's looking at what everyone is doing. We had a screen shot of this guy sitting in his apartment with a department store female mannequin sitting with him and he's talking to it," he said. "When the PRISM story broke, we had that screen shot out on Friday on social media and said 'You never know who's watching.' We were able to react very quickly, and that's what social media brings."