Defiance launches free three-day trial

Because buying an MMORPG without having played it is a baffling and awful idea, publisher Trion Worlds has launched a three-day trial for the PC edition of the TV tie-in MMO Defiance.

Go sign up to get into the trial, but do be aware that your 72 hours will start as soon as you've registered so you'll want to do that at a time when you can start downloading and playing. Yes, it is a bit unfortunate.

As you'd expect, any characters and progress you make, or microtransaction stuff you buy, will carry over into the full game if you take a shine to it and buy a copy.

Though the first season of the Defiance show on Syfy has ended, the MMO keeps on rolling. As part of its crossing-over, it's hosting a contest to put one player's character into the show.