F1 2013 coming in fall with 1980s cars and tracks

As will happen, an annualised series is getting another annual sequel. Codemasters today announced F1 2013 for release on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this fall. Updated for the new season, it also adds a new mode featuring cars, tracks and drivers from the 1980s.

The F1 Classics mode features ye olde drivers like Nigel Mansel and Mario Andretti, cars from teams including Ferrari and Williams, and the Brands Hatch and Circuit De Jerez tracks.

Codies will sell a fancy premium 'Classic Edition' with 1990s cars, drivers and circuits too. One imagines that gubbins will be sold separately later too.

F1 2013 also brings "remodelled handling," an expansion of the Young Driver Test mode, and mid-session saves so you needn't complete a whole hours-long race in one sitting.

Pleasantly, the announcement was accompanied by a fair number of screenshots, one of those silly flashy announcement trailers, and two gameplay videos of laps. One shows the N├╝rburgring circuit, and here's Silverstone:

Update: As to why the game's not coming to Wii U, creative director Steve Hood tweeted that it would be "a very different game" on Nintendo's home console. (via CVG)