Tekken Revolution considering salmon and giant praying mantis for roster

With kangaroos, pandas, and Bob making part of the Tekken roster, it's clear that Namco Bandai doesn't take themselves too seriously when making new characters for the series. For their latest release, Tekken Revolution, fans will get to choose who gets added to the lineup. And, of course the choices are all pretty bonkers.

Taken for example Sake (the Japanese word for salmon). "Originally planned for Tekken 3, punch buttons would cause the Salmon to flop around, and the kick buttons would make it release eggs."

Placeholder data for the character can be uncovered if you hack the game (seen above). While it would be amusing to see Sake get implemented into the game, the developers do warn that "if, for some unforeseen reason, this character is actually chosen, development may be quite difficult."

There are 10 possible candidates in all, including wonderful concepts like Female Paul: "For some inexplicable reason, Paul is transformed into a girl, but the appearance is of a very cute girl." Another favorite is the Average, run-of-the-mill Old Man: "Your average old man, like the one you find in almost any neighborhood. He is not a martial artist, so he is pretty weak."

Unfortunately, the initial round of voting ended over the weekend, before publishing this story. Three characters will be chosen from the initial vote. Then, the final character will be chosen at San Diego Comic Con, according to Tekken's Facebook page. "We hope that the most vocal Tekken fanatics will show up to the panel," a post says. "It's your chance to speak your opinions directly to the development team!"