Brawly platformer Megabyte Punch coming in August

If you like a little bam!, bif!, pow! and character customisation in your retro platformers, have a gander at Megabyte Punch. Described by developer Reptile Games as a "mash-up" of Super Smash Bros., Mega Man and Custom Robo, it's coming to PC, Mac and Linux on August 16 for $15.

Megabyte Punch will have you jumping around levels, fighting enemies to tear parts of their broken frames to upgrade yourself with abilities from gun arms to, ah, "a devastating pelvic thrust attack." As well as a story campaign, it has local multiplayer arena battles.

Our Ozzie was pretty pleased, with reservations, when he played it over a year ago, so here's hoping wrinkles are ironed out now. Observe, a recent trailer: