Viscera Cleanup Detail is your new favorite weird sim

When John Halo or Ian Space Marine has killed all the demons or aliens or zombies or whatever's causing trouble this week, a new hero breed of hero is called in: the space-janitor.

You, yes you, will get to slip on those iconic yellow rubber gloves in the latest oddball physics-driven simulator, Viscera Cleanup Detail. Armed with a weird floppy mop and several buckets, you'll be collecting gibs and clearing up That Lousy Glory-Seeking Show-off's mess.

It's the ingenious idea of mod team-turned-indie dev RuneStorm, and impressively the prototype was built in only ten days during a game jam. The remarkable Surgeon Simulator 2013 was born in similar circumstances--a small game jam project expanded into a full game.

You can download the alpha prototype from Indie DB or from Shacknews, and vote for it on Steam Greenlight if you'd like to see a finished version there. RuneStorm notes that it plans to expand Viscera Cleanup Detail in weekly updates, including adding co-op and perhaps another multiplayer mode.

Hit the official website for more, and check out this bloody slop bucket action: