God of War: Ascension gets new multiplayer mode and five maps for free

While God of War: Ascension didn't exactly light up the sales charts, the multiplayer community is still alive. Sony Santa Monica has released new multiplayer content for the game, and made it free to boot.

The 1.09 title update adds "Bout of Honor," a new 1v1 mode that's free for all players of the game. In this new mode, two players head face-to-face with no chests, fountains, or world weapons. Relics are also disabled, but magic will slowly regenerate, giving players other tactical options beyond punching each other in the face.

The new mode also includes four maps (also free): Canyons of Kirra, Chamber of the Flame, Landing at Delos, and Streets of Sparta. PlayStation.Blog promises the new 1v1 mode should appeal to fans of fighting games.

Finally, the 1.09 update adds one more 4-player map, for fans that aren't quite ready to take on other opponents solo: The Whirlpool of Alecto. Undoubtedly, additional free content is a great way of keeping the competitive God of War community engaged.