Total War: Rome 2 video shows Battle of the Nile from Roman view

When Creative Assembly demoed Total War: Rome 2 at E3, it showed off the Battle for the Nile scenario from the easier, more accessible Egyptian perspective. A new video shows that game being played from the Roman perspective, one that offers a challenge for more seasoned players.

The Romans are outnumbered on land and sea, with the Egyptians holding the high ground, and there is no option of deploying troops where you want them before the battle is engaged. "Normally, in any campaign maps generated for a battle, you would have that option," said developer Al Bickman. "But the Battle of the Nile is a historical battle, and it is a set challenge effectively. You have to make the best of your initial position."

The 15-minute video offer some background on the various units and the reasoning behind the strategies--something to keep in mind when faced with the same challenge once the game comes out for PC on September 3. The demo from E3 helped the game win Best Strategy Game in the Game Critics Awards.

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