Worms 3 coming to iOS in Q3

Team17's announced today that Worms 3 is coming to iOS devices in Q3 this year. The new title in the long-running strategy franchise will feature single-player missions, multiplayer modes, and several new weapons with which to inflict terrible pain on the worms. This joins Worms Clan Wars, due out during the same time frame on PC.

Worms 3 will use both touch controls and a virtual d-pad. will feature 27 single-player missions across stage themes like Beach, Spooky, Farmyard, and Sewer. New weapons include the Nora's Virus, Canned Heat, and Black Hole Grenade. You can also play with a customized team of classes like Heavy, Scientist, Scout, and Soldier.

It will include asynchronous ranked or friendly online multiplayer, or pass-and-play with three friends, across Deathmatch and Forts game modes. If you're up for a challenge, the BodyCount single-player mode ticks up the difficulty as you go, and compares your scores to friends.

Finally, the game will include a new "Card Mode" feature, letting you build a customized deck of cards from bronze, silver, and gold levels. Those cards will then be playable at the start of each turn to power up your worm army.