Payday 2 CE includes insta-cosplay kit with mask and gloves

What's does $20 get you nowadays? Back in my time, you pay for flowers, dinner and a movie with a pretty girl, and the week's groceries, and still have change to pick up a shiny new automobile.

These days, the $20 premium you'd pay for the console-exclusive Collector's Edition of Payday 2 gets you an actual mask to wear, along with gloves to hide your prints, a wallet to hold your heisted cash, and the soundtrack to listen to in your getaway car (getaway car not included).

"What is Payday 2?" you may ask. Why, by some strange coincidence that's also the title of a new trailer released today, which then sets about answering the question. (It's an objective-driven co-op heist FPS, where you and your crew set about robbing things in clever ways.)

Payday 2 arrives for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in August. The downloadable PC edition costs $30, the regular edition on consoles is $40, and the CE is $60. Pre-ordering gets you some bonus skins for stuff too.

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