Persona 5 domain registered

We inch ever closer to the announcement of the inevitable Persona 5. Atlus' JRPG franchise exploded in popularity ever since the release of Persona 3 on PS2. Following a re-release of Persona 4 and a fighting game spin-off, it appears Atlus may be on the verge of announcing a long-awaited sequel.

Spotted by NeoGAF, the domain was recently registered by Index Corporation, parent company of Atlus. While it could be a protective mark, development on the title has been long-teased.

What platform a new Persona game would land on is unclear. Although PS4 is coming this holiday season, it seems likely that the franchise will continue on current-generation consoles. Not only has there been no mainline Persona game on the PS3 generation yet, but Persona 4 released on PS2 after the launch of PS3. It seems likely that Atlus will follow suit with whatever Persona 5 becomes.