Halo 4 getting sporty with Champions DLC in August

Question: do you intend to be playing Halo 4's multiplayer in August? If so, you may be interested in the new DLC maps, mode and skins coming August 20. If not, you know, scroll down to read a story about a dog that reminded a wayward soul of the power of love by by barking when he got a frag in Quake, or something.

343 Industries and Certain Affinity have whipped up three DLC packs: the Bullseye Pack with two multiplayer maps, sporty Spartan armour, and a "competitive gravball game type" named Ricochet; the Infinity Armor Pack with new armour customisation bits; and the Steel Skin Pack with steampunk weapon textures.

They'll be sold separately--$6 for Bullseye, $3 apiece for Infinity and Steel--or all together in the Champions Bundle for $10, which includes a bonus armour mod that Microsoft says let's players "maintain their full mobility and dexterity while taking incoming fire." Look, trailer:

BOOM video 15632