Fez XBLA getting patched after cert fees dropped

By Alice O'Connor, Jul 05, 2013 8:00am PDT

Fez creator Phil Fish last year became, very much against his will, the poster boy for railing against Xbox Live Arcade's patch certification costs. When the charming puzzle-platformer's first patch introduced a save-breaking bug, developer Polytron initially pulled the patch but then re-released it rather than pay "tens of thousands of dollars" to certify a new one.

But hooray, a new Fez patch is being made for XBLA after all, and it's probably no coincidence this news comes only a week after Microsoft publicly confirmed it has dropped patch cert fees.

Polytron had reasoned that, as less than 1% of players were hit by the wonky patch's save bug, it did more good than harm and was the best solution without paying daft amounts of money. But:

"GOOD NEWS EVERYONE: we're going to patch FEZ on XBLA!" Phil Fish said on Twitter yesterday. "it's going to take a few months, though. but we're doing it!" he added.


Fish recently commented that the newly-announced Fez 2 won't come to Xbox because, unlike PC and PlayStation, Microsoft doesn't allow self-publishing.

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