Fez XBLA getting patched after cert fees dropped

Fez creator Phil Fish last year became, very much against his will, the poster boy for railing against Xbox Live Arcade's patch certification costs. When the charming puzzle-platformer's first patch introduced a save-breaking bug, developer Polytron initially pulled the patch but then re-released it rather than pay "tens of thousands of dollars" to certify a new one.

But hooray, a new Fez patch is being made for XBLA after all, and it's probably no coincidence this news comes only a week after Microsoft publicly confirmed it has dropped patch cert fees.

Polytron had reasoned that, as less than 1% of players were hit by the wonky patch's save bug, it did more good than harm and was the best solution without paying daft amounts of money. But:

"GOOD NEWS EVERYONE: we're going to patch FEZ on XBLA!" Phil Fish said on Twitter yesterday. "it's going to take a few months, though. but we're doing it!" he added.


Fish recently commented that the newly-announced Fez 2 won't come to Xbox because, unlike PC and PlayStation, Microsoft doesn't allow self-publishing.