Kavinsky mobile game giving you a nightcall next week

I associate Kavinsky's music with Hotline Miami because of 'Nightcall', his iconic contribution to the soundtrack of movie Drive and its brand of retro ultra-violence, but now the French house producer's getting a game of his own. Accompanying his album OutRun, where a man weirdly merges with his Ferrari after an accident, the free mobile game is due out next week.

"Defeat foul villains and shady night creatures as you wander in the mean streets of Downtown LA," the official site says (via Eurogamer). "Mighty martial arts moves, deadly weapons, and the perfect soundtrack are just a click away!"

No, it probably won't be good but, with Kavinsky tunes, it should at least sound good.

It's boldly declared "the first ever video game based on a record" but that's patently untrue. There are three video games based on Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds alone, for crying out loud.

Kavinsky's game is due on Monday, July 8, hitting "all portable platforms and devices."