Long-deceased ZX Spectrum game returns on mobile

Older gamers and students of history might recall the ZX Spectrum, a primarily UK-based console from the early 1980s. Even so, you might not know the patchy history of Willy's Great Adventure, first developed 28 years ago but never released. That is, until now.

Polygon reports that Willy's Great Adventure is now available for $1.99 on the App Store, Google Play, and Kindle marketplaces. The game was originally developed as homage to Manic Miner, another classic Spectrum game. Elite Systems, which itself is currently working on an unrelated Miner Willy release, was offered the game by original developer Terry Lloyd, to finish on mobile devices. Windows PC and Windows Phone versions are in development as well.

Lloyd said that this game has never seen the light of day, "unless someone stole it off my computer and put it out there without me knowing." He said Willy's Great Adventure changed 98% of the content of Manic Miner, as opposed to most mods of the era that would swap out room layouts or graphics without touching much else.