PixelJunk Monsters getting 'Ultimate HD' version on Vita, PC, and Mac [Update]

PixelJunk Monsters is coming to the Vita. The "Ultimate HD" version packs a few enhancements designed for Sony's handheld, but otherwise hews closely to the traditions set by the prior critically-acclaimed games.

The PlayStation.Blog notes that this version is being handled by Double Eleven, the studio behind the Vita versions of LittleBigPlanet and Limbo. The studio says it has been working in conjunction with original developer Q-Games, and together they planned out how to make this version a compilation of the Vita hardware features, PS3, and PSP versions.

Ultimate HD will include remastered visuals for the Vita's OLED screen, touch support, the Encore expansion, and the extra towers, enemies, and levels from the PSP Deluxe edition. Trophies have also been designed to tempt veterans with extra-hard challenges.

The blog also recounts how they considered adding elements like checkpoints to make the game a bit easier. Ultimately, though, they decided that getting a perfect completion ("rainbowing") a brutally difficult stage is part of the appeal. As a result, you can expect Ultimate HD to be as rage-inducing as its predecessors, so you'll just have to be extra-careful not to throw the controller.

Update: Eurogamer reports that PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD is targeting late summer on Vita, with PC and Mac versions to follow soon after.