Pinball Arcade PS4 trailer shows Next Generation balls

FarSight Studios has dropped a hefty progress update for its flip 'em up The Pinball Arcade, with word on the long-delayed Xbox 360 DLC, release windows for the PC and Wii U editions, and a trailer showing off the PlayStation 4 version on its Star Trek: The Next Generation table.

The Pinball Arcade's Ouya version will be available when the system launches on Tuesday, while the PC edition is due in August, and it's expected on Wii U version in September, Far Sight explained in a Facebook post (via VG247) over the weekend. All will have the full spread of DLC tables available at launch.

Speaking of DLC, the Xbox 360 edition has gotten awfully behind with new table releases after its publisher Crave Games went bankrupt, but Crave is expected to get back on its feet this summer and start pushing those tables out. FarSight's planning to offer discounted bundled to help players catch up on the backlog.

As for the video of its PS4 edition, FarSight explains, "Our new PS4 lighting technology allows us to model individual lights for each of the 100+ lamps on the typical pinball table (complete with attenuation, blooms, and reflections)." The video's description notes that "Lighting technology upgrade is 50% implemented" for the TNG table.

And as it did to fund securing the TNG table, FarSight is turning to Kickstarter to crowdfund the iconic Terminator 2: Judgment Day machine. Getting all the licenses is otherwise "just not commercially viable", you see.