Dead Rising 3 has SmartGlass-exclusive missions

Launching SmartGlass on your phone or tablet while playing Dead Rising 3 will give you additional abilities, like calling down air strikes and marking waypoints. However, there's another reason to keep your handheld device nearby while playing: it's the only way to get the complete game experience.

"You’ll get calls from a character that are only on the SmartGlass device. So if you don’t have SmartGlass, you won’t get those calls from that guy. Which also means you won’t get those missions," executive producer Josh Bridge explained.

Although "you can finish the game without it," Bridge told Siliconera that the character exclusive to SmartGlass has a complete storyline that "interweaves with the main storyline." That's certainly one way of forcing adoption of a cool--albeit somewhat unnecessary--feature.

"Without it, you’re not losing out on what the story is," Bridge said. "But you’re getting more out of the game" by taking advantage of SmartGlass. Thankfully, SmartGlass is available on pretty much every mobile device and isn't exclusive to Windows 8.