Dragon Quest X coming to PC (in Japan, at least)

Square Enix's venerable Dragon Quest franchise is finally coming to PC. Dragon Quest X, originally announced for Wii and Wii U, will also be coming to Windows computers later this year--in Japan, at least.

This marks the first time the long-running RPG series has graced PC. Perhaps it's because this is the first time the franchise has jumped into MMO territory. Although there is a small offline component to the game, the full experience can only be unlocked by playing online and paying a monthly subscription fee.

The game has yet to be announced for the US, where the Dragon Quest franchise is significantly less popular than in Japan. Fledgling Wii U sales and the lack of consumer demand for Wii games makes it unlikely that the console versions will ever cross stateside--but perhaps PC will make Square Enix consider localization?

If you're familiar with Japanese, you'll be able to download the PC benchmark to get a small taste of Dragon Quest on your PC. You can also sign up for the beta if you're daring enough.