Splinter Cell Blacklist gets 'Spider-Bot' iOS companion game

Sam Fisher is pretty iconic and all, but the real star of Splinter Cell Blacklist are the tiny mechanical spiders. Skittering about, stealing intelligence and such. Ubisoft has given spider-bot his day in the sun today, with an iOS game devoted to the automaton arachnid.

Spider-Bot is now available for free on the App Store (via Touch Arcade). It's a 2D action puzzler that has you navigating spider-bot through buildings to collect intel, all the while avoiding turrets, guards, and other spy robots. Dastardly! The currency you collect in Spider-Bot will go into your bank account for Blacklist once the full game comes out, so if you play a ton of it you should be a very well-equipped super-spy.

The game page promises future updates, including "Stealth-Bot" and "Strike-Bot" modes, and special content for Blacklist. That game, for PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U, will be coming on August 20.