Skulls of the Shogun escaping Windows 8 exclusivity

We described Skulls of the Shogun as "a deceptively brilliant strategy game" in our review but you probably never found that out for yourself, as the PC edition launched exclusive to Windows 8. Good news! That's apparently over, as developer 17-Bit Studios has announced it's giving its turn-based strategy proper Windows release through Steam in "late July".

The Steam release is a jazzed up Bone-A-Fide Edition, which 17-Bit explains brings a new four-chapter epilogue episode with a new protagonist and the new teleporting, taunting Tanuki unit. It has six new multiplayer levels too.

While the Windows 8 version had PC-Xbox 360 cross-platform play, Steam users won't be able to play with any of them, 17-Bit confirmed on Facebook. However, Steamers will be able to play against people on mysterious unannounced "future platforms".

None of these improvements will make it back to the original release either. "Due to the expense of releasing this content as DLC for all previous Microsoft platforms, as well as current market conditions, we've decided to focus on Steam and additional yet-to-be-announced platforms for future content and products," 17-Bit said.

You can pre-order now for $11.99, thanks to a 20% discount, to score access to the multiplayer beta as well as the first chapter of the campaign. Observe, trailer: