Crytek working on The Collectibles for iOS

Crytek likes action games, given the Far Cry and Crysis series, and the recently revealed Roman war title Ryse for Xbox One. But it appears that the developer is working on a new tactical action title exclusively for iOS called The Collectibles.

The game, demoed at Apple's World Wide Developers Conference last week, shows a top-down view of a five-man squad in a jungle warzone, according to 9 to 5 Mac (via Joystiq). Even though the screen supports touch play, it would also support a new MFi controller.

The game has not been officially announced, but could be out later this year. We reached out to Crytek for more details, particularly if the game was using a new version of the CryEngine, but a PR rep said the company was not yet ready to reveal or talk about the game.

While the platform may be a bit surprising for Crytek, it is not the first foray for the company into the iOS space. It launched the puzzle game Fibble Flick 'n' Roll last March.