Weekend Confirmed 169 - Post-E3 Mega Show

By Ozzie Mejia, Jun 14, 2013 2:00pm PDT

It's a packed house for the post-E3 edition of Weekend Confirmed. Hosts Garnett Lee and Jeff Cannata welcome in an esteemed panel of guests, including Red Robot's John Davison, Polygon's Arthur Gies and Justin McElroy, Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z lead designer Cory Davis, and Nintendo World Report's Jonathan Metts. They cover anything and everything E3, breaking down the conferences (along with the Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U points of interest) and the many games, including Ryse: Son of Rome, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, TitanFall, Infamous: Second Son, Forza Motorsport 5, DriveClub, The Crew, Super Mario 3D World, The Elder Scrolls Online, Watch Dogs, Tom Clancy's The Division, the Oculus Rift, and so much more.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 169: 6/14/2013

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  • Can someone explain to me the narrative that a required online connection, from a system level, makes those multiplayer games possible? As far as I can tell those games would be just as good on a system that does not require you to be online for it to do the function that you dropped all that money for. I've heard some comparisons of the Xbone to a cable box or electricity but that is I feel giving it way too much credit. To me a more apt comparison is to an iPad.

    Before you buy an iPad you should already have these three things, a PC/Mac, a broadband internet connection and a wireless router. When you set up the iPad one of the first things it asks you for is to set up the wireless connection. After some updates and security procedures you're good to go. The iPad is a device, like the PS4, PS3, 360, and Wii-U that expects to be online. If you don't have a broadband connection I would go as far as to say you shouldn't even consider buying it but it still does not require it. You know why? If it did then you couldn't do things like take it to a doctors office to read a book you downloaded, take it to the park to play a game or, as is not uncommon, play an iPad game while the internet may be down due to a storm.

    Microsoft has put a huge burden on themselves. They have to maintain a system that must work 100% of the time. If it fails then millions of gamers literally cannot play games on their system. If something similar happens to Sony, Nintendo and even Valve you can still play your games while they work things out. We all know what happened to Sony and any Steam user can tell you that Steam occasionally, though briefly, goes down at times.

    The user now also has an unnecessary burden. The user now must maintain a constant internet connection in fear that the system may not function. Before you say that will not affect me consider some real world scenarios. You're moving into a new place. One of the first things that are always set-up are TVs and game systems. You call an ISP to put internet in and they say they'll be there in 1 week, not uncommon, and during that whole time you can't play your Xbone. You can play your PS4, your PC games bought on Steam, your 360 and your iPad games but not your Xbone. Lets say you're visiting an older relative with your family. He/She doesn't have internet, your Xbone is now useless. Better example, a storm passes through and knocks out internet in the area, not uncommon. The ISP is hard at work to fix it. You decide to play a game but wait, when did it do it's check? It's only been a few hours since the internet was out. Surely it still works...

  • In all, I think that MS had a pretty good show and that if Sony had kept the playstation eye in the box with their console, as I believe they planned to do until they realized they had to come in under MS, and the price points had been the same the showings would have been closer. But that isn't the reality. Despite a good showing, MS was plain and simply upstaged by Sony which was exactly what Sony needed. Overall it was a fantastic show for GAMERS and that is what makes me happy with it.

    Like was said on the show, we are still about 6 months and 3 major shows away from launch. If you think we have seem everything about these launches, you're nuts. I really think that Sony will own TGS with some HUGE announcements and that MS will make a HUGE push at GamesCom. It is going to be great year to be a gamer!

  • MS is pushing digital down our throats with the Xbone.
    I've yet to hear a convincing argument about why I should convert.
    I've heard 'It's the future, accept it.' 'Stop whining', 'You're afraid of change',
    'It's more convenient because I don't like clutter'.

    The last one is a reason I can understand, but it's not a reason why *I* should switch.
    Most of the time the argument about digital is simply pro-digital people throwing words like 'Luddite'around. MS is no different. There is simply no compelling reason to buy an Xbox from a
    company that treats you as a resource to be milked rather than a customer to be
    convinced and won over.

  • Someone raised the question during the show of would the $100 price difference be enough to switch the Call of Duty crowd to a new platform. I thought I'd share my opinion on this matter, as I am both a hardcore COD player, but also a hardcore gamer.

    I have been playing COD multiplayer since the original Modern Warfare, I preorder every new COD and play that one religiously until the new one drops. I am not sure why, haha, I just love the online competition and shit talking with my friends. I should note that I have played them ALL on Xbox 360, and I could not imagine playing them on anything else, because that is what my friends use, too. I do own a PS3 also.

    As of right now, I am 75% leaning towards purchasing a PS4, and 25% for the Xbone. This, to say the least, is shocking. Microsoft had to do very little to secure my future with them, but I find Sony's message and dedication to the gamer so much more compelling. Short story long, I will purchase the next COD for my Xbox 360, and continue to play with my friends, however, I will purchase a PS4 as my first next gen console. Eventually, this will result in me buying the next next COD for the PS4. So, yes, as an avid COD player, I do feel like the $100 price difference (among many other things) will be enough to switch that multiplayer base to a new console.

  • The basic problem with Microsoft's showing was E3 overall featured 5 racing games, and 6 first person shooters (by my count), and their two supposed killer apps were Forza and Titan Fall. I don't really see why anyone would invest in a next gen console when there are so many games of those genres on other platforms.

    That said, I thought the praise of Sunset Overdrive on this episode was absolutely bizarre. First of all, it does not resemble anything like Jet Set Radio. There was nothing urban or hip or graffiti inspired. The characters look like they work in 50s Diner.

    More importantly, its a shooter where you fight the freaking Chimeras from Resistance, and you had Dead Rising 3 in the same conference. So lets see, aside from those games we have Day Z, The Last of Us, The Walking Dead 300 Days/Season 2, and Dying Light. Again, why do I want to upgrade hardware for those titles?

    But then you had the first person shooter in a Battlefield demo, and the dumbest trailer I have ever seen for a video game in that Halo teaser. Seriously, that teaser didn't just insult the audience, it made a mockery of what little integrity there was left to the Halo ip. I was not surprised by Master Chief appearing under the robe. I was dumb founded by how stupid it was. As soon as I saw the skyline with the giant planets I said out loud "Halo... Star Wars?, JJ Abrams!"

    So combined with Titan Fall that's 3/6 fps games in 1 conference. And 2 tps games where you kill zombies. I was not impressed by this showing. I was numbed. And that's without considering DRM, Kinect, price, and the use of a female executive to endorse rape culture on Xbox Live (because the racist/sexist/homophobic people on XBL are why I love the 360?).

    So if Microsoft's conference had the most content, it also strongly reflected a theme of over saturated mega genres. This certainly wasn't the E3 of new trilogies and original universes.