The Walking Dead: 400 Days preview: Vince's story

Before the second season of The Walking Dead adventure begins, developer Telltale Games is releasing an extra DLC episode for season one. "400 Days" serves as an interquel, connecting the two seasons through a handful of short stories spanning the 400 days since the zombie outbreak.

The demo opens with Vince holding a gun on an unseen person who is begging for his life. Vince looks troubled, but he pulls the trigger, ditches the gun, and runs. The scene then shifts to a prisoner transport van, where he is being taken to prison--an unintentional homage to season one's intro.


Vince is being transported with a few other characters: a Wall Street banker type who likes pyramid schemes, and another who apparently had sex with an underage girl. And like in the original game, there are hidden meanings and motives behind each character, each taking notice of the responses Vince gives to their comments.

This chapter takes place at the start of the outbreak, and it's not long until tempers flare, chaos ensues, and someone dies. In signature TWD style, the demo ends with Vince having to make a tough choice if he wants to escape with his life. There will be four other characters in 400 Days--Bonnie, Sheil, Wyatt, and Russell--and each will have to face the same heart-wrenching decisions that Vince faced.

Choices made in the first season will impact 400 Days in some way. Additionally, choices made in this DLC expansion will also affect the events of the second season. Because this story happens concurrently with Lee and Clementine's adventure, it seems likely that you'll run into some familiar faces.

400 Days will be available this summer for $5. According to this official FAQ, you'll need to have at least episode one of season one installed on your system in order to play. Having played season one before the story is "highly recommended."

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