Dead Rising 3 coming as Xbox One exclusive

Dead Rising 3 was announced at the Xbox One briefing today, with the third installment of Capcom's zombie fest coming exclusively to Microsoft's next gen console this holiday season. The game will feature a new hero, Nick Ramos.

The game is set in Los Perdidos and is an open world with no load times. The gameplay showed Nick fighting his way through huge masses of undead, trying to get to a safehouse in the city center before nightfall. He is able to craft weapons for fighting in the dark, such as a pistol with a flashlight. Apparently, anything can be used as an improvised weapon. He must also distract zombies because they are attracted to everything he does. When he gets to his destination, an artillery strike was called in via some Smartglass integration, although there was no explanation of how that was done.

The original Dead Rising, launched in 2006, was also an Xbox 360 exclusive.

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