Original SOCOM creative director crowdfunding 'spiritual successor'

You there, do you fancy a PC tactical shooter lead by the creative director of the first two SOCOM games? Prove it. David Sears and the gang at Special Operations Forces Studios are trying to crowdfund "a spiritual successor" to those PS2 games, or more accurately a showcase demo it can use to land venture capitalist funding and finish the full game.

The Kickstarter campaign describes H-Hour: World's Elite as "the kind of shooter that SOCOM would have become if I had continued to helm the series beyond the second release." Think teamwork, cooperation, bullets which are ruddy painful and bullet wounds which won't magically close if you hide behind a crate for five seconds.

SOF Studios is looking for $200,000 to hire more artists and finish up the demo, but will add more and more to that as it gets more money. Pledging at least $15 will get you a copy of the game--it it's finished. The first release is planned to be multiplayer only, then it'll release DLC and work on a single-player side.

H-Hour sounds jolly nice, but crowdfunding is already pretty risky for backers. With this, not only does SOF need to finish the demo, it needs to convince people to fund the rest of development. That said, it's not unprecedented as Serellan's tactical shooter Takedown: Red Sabre also crowdfunded a demo and has been picked up by a publisher.

Here's the pitch video, dubbed voices and all: