Weekend Confirmed 168 - The Last of Us, Shadow of the Eternals

By Ozzie Mejia, Jun 07, 2013 11:00am PDT

It's the pre-E3 edition of Weekend Confirmed and hosts Garnett Lee and Jeff Cannata send you into your weekend in a special way by welcoming in Shacknews' Andrew Yoon, as well as Precursor's Paul Caporicci and Denis Dyack. They waste no time diving into the dystopian world of The Last of Us and what makes it one of the best games you'll play this year. Also, there's a brief history of Silicon Knights and Eternal Darkness before candidly discussing the upcoming Shadow of the Eternals, its goals, and its setbacks. The crew also addresses your listener feedback before speculating on the future of consoles and discussing the manifesto from Gunpoint's Tom Francis. Finally, the team sends you into your pre-E3 weekend with a new round of Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 168: 6/07/2013

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  • So as much as Microsoft seems to have taken its eye off the ball with all the tv stuff, their major competitive advantage coming out of this generation, Xbox Live, hasn't changed. As much as we've found out about the next gen consoles, the central issues between the PS3/360 generation remain unresolved. For Sony it is a lack of cross game chat and universal match making. For Microsoft it is locking all online pvp, and third party applications behind a pay wall.

    They talked about this a bit on Bonus Round last week, and Garnett brought up a good point about Facebook integration on the PS4. But what's interesting is that with the rise of "smart devices" people are moving away from the web template social networks, and in an odd twist looping back towards instant messaging platforms like AOL back in the day.

    That said, it was kind of sophisticated for Microsoft to show off Skype as central to the next Xbox. Skype is the universally accepted "Facetime" App on "smart devices." But I think its ubiquity is as much of a problem as an advantage where Xbox is concerned. If you look at apps like Snap Chat, Instagram, and WhatsApp, etc. they distinguish themselves by existing exclusively on smart devices.

    So I think the driving principle there is that there's a one to one relationship between a "smart device" (smartphone/tablet/handset) and its user. That inherent personal nature of the hardware gives those apps a reach and credibility they wouldn't otherwise have. If you take a picture on Instagram, the camera itself exists on the same platform as the social network---therefore everyone's Instagram profile is that much more authentic.

    That said, Skype doesn't really work on that same principle. Its designed to exist on anything with video capabilities---be it a PCs, tvs, or you know perhaps even a freakin toaster in the next 5 years. So where as an Instagram works on a one to one basis, Skype's ubiquity makes it look like a communication utility. Its almost like the virtual modern replacement for the telephone itself, where you just plug a number, or a screen name into the software, and reach the person on the other end.

    So that said Sony's Playstation App has the opportunity to drive a really specialized feature set targeted at gamers without losing a broader audience. Their big advantage against Skype is that they don't have to saddle themselves with servicing your Grandparents, your uncle, and whoever. At the same time they can reach anyone with an iOS or Android device who doesn't have a problem with running the app in the background.

    For instance, if you can get on your PS4, and ping your friend's smartphone---whether or not they play video games---and show them an awesome boss fight in Dark Souls, that's a whole step beyond just integrating with a social network like Facebook. With Facebook it's like users have a cluster fuck of shit to sift through from all their friends posting crap. At the same time, with cross game chat as is, you're locked into this limited network of insular dude bro/rapists in the making.

    So what a 1 to 1 "smart App" does is combine non-anonymity, with a tailored, non-utilitarian purpose. You know, you can easily connect with a family member, but its additive to the normal utilitarian way of talking over the phone. Its not just like, "YAY lets sit on the couch and pretend we're in the same room! : D!!<3" That said, reverse engineering Skype for all those specialized purposes would be pretty stupid. Its not to say that Microsoft won't have features with "Game Tags" and what not, but it reveal a fragmentation in their approach to helping gamers connect.

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