ZRun is a zombie endless runner for Vita

There's something charming about games made in Eastern Europe. Beatshapers, a Ukrainian indie game dev, has announced a PS Vita exclusive endless runner: ZRun. As you can probably tell by its title, it involves zombies.

"The world seems to fell into ruins. Swarm of the dead groans around everywhere. You have to run non-stop, trying your best to stay alive and get out of zombie nightmare," the game's announcement says.

The endless runner has you avoiding obstacles and evading zombies. Every action you perform drains your stamina meter, and ammo is scarce--meaning you'll have to ration your bullets and your jumps wisely.

ZRun takes advantage of Vita's analog controls and touch screen. For example, you'll have to wipe the screen to get rid of the blood that accumulates. In addition, you'll be able to share items via "near."

Here's the debut trailer: