Man of Steel mobile game announced

Superman is getting another attempt at a film adaptation next week, this time with less of a deadbeat dad angle to the character. Hollywood blockbusters being what they are, that means we'll be getting a mobile game in which Superman gets to do what he does best: inspire punch people.

Warner Bros Interactive announced that the "Man of Steel" game will hit iOS and Android devices on June 14, right alongside the film of the same name. It's a 3D brawler that pits the Last Son of Krypton against General Zod and his invading army. It features a Story Mode, in which you do battle across familiar settings like the Kent Farm and Smallville, and Survival Mode, which pits you against increasingly difficult villains. Naturally, you can gather experience to unlock new suits and upgrade your skills.

Man of Steel is being developed by Phosphor Games, probably best known for designing the SpacePop game in Kinect Adventures. It will cost $2.99 for the iPhone or iPod Touch, or $4.99 on the iPad and Android devices.