Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII delayed to February 2014

Good news: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has a firm release date! Bad news: it's February 11, 2014; a mite later than the fall 2013 launch Square Enix had planned. Good news: Squeenix has dropped a new trailer and screenshots (admittedly low-res ones) for the RPG sequel-sequel ahead of its showing at E3 next week. On balance: pleasant news!

Our Andrew played Lightning Returns in January, describing it as "a radical departure" from the first two FFXIII games, saying its new battle systems means it "may represent the boldest change for a mainline Final Fantasy game ever." Gosh, that doesn't sound half-bad!

Lightning Returns is striking Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. We'll have the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 by then, and Squeenix must be a wee bit disappointed it'll arrive as a last-gen hanger-on

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