Humble Indie Bundle 8 adds another four games

The latest Humble Indie Bundle was already one of the finest yet, packing wonders from Hotline Miami to Proteus, but oh my stars it's even better now. Another four games were added to the pay-what-you-want pack yesterday: top puzzler English Country Tune; physicular platformer Tiny & Big in Grandpa's Leftovers; side-scrolling shooter Intrusion 2; and RTS Oil Rush.

If you bought The Humble Indie Bundle 8 before these four were added yesterday, you'll receive them all. If you want to get them now, though, you'll need to beat the current average price. That's currently less than six dollars and gosh, you were certainly planning to pay more than that anyway, weren't you?

As ever, they come DRM-free for PC, Mac and Linux, and paying more than $1 gets you Steam keys. This Bundle will be sold for another six days so you don't need to hurry, but don't miss it.