Guild Wars 2 Dragon Bash festival kicks off next week

Oh, to be a more fictional character! While I toil away all day and night covering E3 from London on Los Angeles hours, folks living in Tyria will be larking about celebrating the Dragon Bash festival. The festivities are coming to Guild Wars 2 on June 11, developer ArenaNet has announced, with mini-games to play and dragon wings to win.

The celebrations will take place in Lion's Arch, ArenaNet explains, which will be decorated with all sorts of dragony things. Players can join in the dodgeball-y Dragon Ball and Moa Racing, plus scour Tyria for dragon piñatas to smash open for candy, and earn a buff by lighting dragon effigies in major cities.

Lion's Arch will host big firework displays from June 14-18, and hold the special Dragon Effigy Lighting Ceremony on June 18. The festivities will run until July 4.

Playing Dragon Ball, murdering monsters, and earning the Dragon Bash meta-achievement can get you two sets of dragon wings to wear, while a dragon hat is up for grabs if you watch the Lion's Arch fireworks. Dragon's jade weapon skins and a behatted mini moa are up for grabs too.

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