City Quest Oculus Rift mode drags 2D adventure game into delightful 3D

As the time of yore known only as 'retro' trundles towards the early Nineties, developer Stone Monkey Studios has combined two cool but sort-of-incompatible things from 20-odd years ago: 2D adventure games and virtual reality. In a charming bit of creativity (not to mention creative marketing), the two-man team created an Oculus Rift mode for City Quest: A Point & Click Adventure where you play it on a 3D computer at a 3D desk in a 3D room.

"Is playing City Quest on a modern computer not realistic enough for you? Wish you could really get into the world of the 1980s gamer? Now you can!" Stone Monkey explains (via Reddit). "We put our game on a computer in our game on your computer!"

You can download Rift demos for PC and Mac from same place you'll find an in-browser demo for the retro adventure. City Quest is inspired by classic Sierra and LucasArts adventure games of the Eighties and early Nineties, with puzzles and jokes and all that sort of fun stuff.

With only three days left on its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, City Quest is still a good $2,000 short of its $8,000 goal. If this makes you smile, you can give the duo money. $5 will get you a copy of the finished game.