Endless Space: Disharmony expansion announced

All right, you filthy freeloaders. You've enjoyed four free DLC packs for Endless Space but now it's time you open your wallets. Publisher Iceberg today announced Amplitude's 4X space strategy game is getting a proper expansion pack named Disharmony this summer, bringing a new faction, improved AI, expanded invasions and more for the jolly reasonable price of $10.

New faction The Harmony will invade with the expansion, seeking to destroy the powerful Dust everyone else wants to control. On top of those folks, it'll bring new fighters and bombers, new formation and targeting systems for combat, a reworked ship design interface, and new AI. It also adds four more heroes and expands invasion with bombardments, sieges and land invasions. There's your big list of big features.

Disharmony will be available both as a download and in a box.

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