Scrolls unrolling on June 3

Mojang may be known for the romping great success of Minecraft but it's determined to not be defined by the dig 'em up. The developer's winding up to reveal Scrolls to the world at large, announcing yesterday that the virtual collectible card game will enter paid "open beta" next Monday, June 3.

Scrolls will cost $20 and initially be available for PC and Mac, Mojang confirmed.

It's a turn-based collectible card game thingy, which'll have you collecting cards and building decks of creatures, spells and buildings to conquer hex-based battlefields. You'll earn 'gold' from matches to build your deck, or can take the rich, easy way out and buy cards with cash. Look, here's a bit more about how it all works.

Observe deckbuilding and fighting in a new trailer celebrating the impending open beta:

BOOM video 15383