Demon Hunter is most popular Diablo 3 class, and other infographic stats

14.5 million players with 67.1 million characters have killed 3.3 trillion monsters in Diablo 3, Blizzard has revealed in a whopping great infographic released as part of the action-RPG's first birthday festivities. Yet only 33% of characters have even beaten Normal difficulty, which is arguably the point where it starts to get interesting, and a measly 6% cleared Inferno. If you like numbers, big numbers, and lots of them, it's a fascinating look. Demon Hunter is the most popular class in Normal mode, the infographic reveals, with some 13.5 million of the rogues running around Sanctuary. In Hardcore, however, the threat of permadeath sees the hardy Barbarian coming first, with 1.6 million out there tanking hordes. Combining the two modes, Demon Hunter still narrowly comes out on top in total. 67.1 million characters have been created worldwide, which is 127 per minute on average. Perhaps surprisingly, 9% of those are Hardcore; it's nice to know one in ten isn't a baby. Do bear in mind that these statistics cover all Diablo 3 accounts, including the Starter Edition demo and players in LAN cafés. And that they're at least two days old now. A staggering 648,510,803,462,686 gold pieces are in circulation, and I don't want to say something snide about duping gold but I'm defusing the joke for other people, see. I'm going to stop repeating numbers now, because you're perfectly able to read them yourself.

I mean, you don't need me to reword everything for you, do you?