Dragon's Prophet enters open beta next week

The world has more free-to-play MMORPGs than you can shake a stick at and most aren't interesting for long, but why not treat them like a tourist would? See the sights, join in local customs, then head off somewhere new. Add riding dragons in Dragon's Prophet to your itinerary, as Sony Online Entertainment today announced it'll enter open beta testing on May 30.

The big selling point of Dragon's Prophet is that you get to capture, train, and ride hundreds of different dragons, which certainly is enough of a novelty to add it to your big list of F2P MMORPG holiday destinations. Who knows, perhaps you'll even like it enough to stick around?

While open beta begins for everyone on May 30, people who've paid to become Founders will graduate from the closed beta to open on May 29. The closed beta NDA is up now so if you've been playing, hey, how is it?

Dragon's Prophet is developed by Runes of Magic creator Runewaker Entertainment.

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