Strike Suit Zero mod tools released

Strike Suit Zero developer Born Ready Games today released the mod tools for its mecha space shooter, one of the promised stretch goals from its crowdfunding campaign. The XedMod tools are free to any who owns the game, and use the Steam Workshop for sharing. If you don't own Strike Suit Zero, hey, now's your chance, as it's on sale for $10 until Sunday. Also out today, new DLC!

"We know our fans have been patiently waiting for more content and that's why we're happy to provide this new challenge for them to take on," Born Ready CEO James Brooksby said in today's announcement. "With the mod tool, we are excited to see what our community can create. We know how passionate they are and hope this will enable them to channel their passion and creativity into the game."

If you want more official content, five new missions arrived today in the $6.99 'Heroes of the Fleet' DLC pack, available on Steam. Celebrating these two launches, a 50%-off sale brings the game down to $9.99, while a 'Mega Bundle' including the soundtrack, art book, and all DLC is $19.99.

The XedMod tools seem able to make a wide ranger of mods, as when the Born Ready gang held a little game jam with them they came up with an arcade shooter, a racer, and a delivery game: