Google Play game services bring cross-platform shinies

Google has unveiled a handy suite of gaming account services in a similar vein to GameCenter on iOS, including cloud saves, leaderboards, and matchmaking. Unlike Apple's offering, however, the 'Google Play game services' are cross-platform, supported on Android, iOS, and browsers.

Google announced the game services at its annual developer conference I/O yesterday.

They let developers use Google accounts for games across any number of devices. Services include cloud saving so players can play the same game across their desktop and phone and whatnot, achievements, social leaderboards using Google+ circles, and social matchmaking.

Google's also slipped in an anti-piracy feature for devs who want to use it. Being tied to a Google account means they can easily disable parts of games if a player hasn't actually purchased it.

The launch lineup for the services boasts World of Goo, Osmos, Eufloria HD, and more.