Anno Online enters open beta today

Free-to-play, browser-based build 'em up Anno Online today entered open beta testing so all and sundry can give it a go. Cor, pssh, tsh, browser games, right? But Anno Online may be one of those worth at least a bit of your time, our Ozzie found when he played it.

To play, simply hit the official site and login in with a Uplay account. Then, do video game.

It's essentially a classic Anno build 'em, though its classic mildly unpleasant free-to-play browser game style means you won't be able to sit down and play for hours. You can always, gulp, boost your resources by coughing up real money, though.

"Anno Online does many things right, while only suffering from some nagging issues," Ozzie said. "The lag-free functionality within the confines of a Chrome browser that could potentially make Anno Online a great alternative to many of the retail city-building games currently out there."

Or so he says, anyway. Do you believe everything you hear, man? Judge for yourself, sheeple.