Weekend Confirmed 164 - Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Wolfenstein

By Ozzie Mejia, May 10, 2013 11:00am PDT

The new game release cupboard is looking a bit bare to hosts Garnett Lee and Jeff Cannata. They welcome in Nikole Zivalich and Naughty Dog's Jason Paul to put the Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon discussion to bed before moving on to the new Wolfenstein announcement, Warren Spector's comments, and where the first-person shooter genre goes in the future. With the next generation around the corner, the discussion begins on the best games of the past generation. That's followed by some talk about the big Disney/EA deal for the Star Wars license. The show ends with a new round of Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 164: 5/10/2013

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  • My top 5 games for this gen:

    1. Alan Wake-For me this game is just unique, and I think that’s why it appeals to me. I love that the main character is a writer. I love how the flashlight is used. I love Barry Wheeler!!!! I loved how I’d find pages describing events that hadn’t occurred yet. There’s just so much to love about Alan Wake.

    2. Lost Odyssey-What I remember most about this game is finding Kaim’s lost memories, especially the first one. I was expecting to see a cutscene, but it turned out to be a memory in the form of text- I was pissed! I called my friend and griped for a good 10mins about how we’re in this technologically advanced age, and how if I wanted to read I’d grab a book, but they decided against giving me a visually appealing memory to sit back and watch. Got off the phone, sighed, and then read what was on the screen. By the time I finished I was crying. I don’t remember the details, but I just thought it was some of the most beautiful (concise) writing I’d ever read. After that I couldn’t wait to find those memories, and it was like I had to mentally prepare myself before reading them (most of them were just so sad). When I finished the game I remember skimming the credits to find out who wrote those memories while thinking ‘I hope he/she got paid big bucks.’

    3. Heavenly Sword-To this day I still think this is one of the most visually striking games I’ve ever played. What I’ll never forget is the part at the beginning when Nariko wakes up, and she’s talking to no one in sight, asking to be sent back to where she came from. No one replies, and she screams ‘ANSWER ME!’-the facial/body animations during that scene were remarkable, and my jaw hit the floor. I knew at that early moment in the game that I was in love with it.

    4. Darksiders-As I’m writing, it’s occuring to me that one thing that makes a game stand out for me is just a memorable scene (see Heavenly Sword) that just gets me pumped for what is to come. I bought Darksiders the day it was released, only knowing one thing about it-that the character War was voiced by Liam O’ Brien (I’ll just say I’m a fan and move on). The scene that hooked me (this was early in the game) was basically when War showed up on Earth, and says ‘I answer the call!’ The entire scene was amazing, and I remember just being so thrilled and thinking ‘Oh sh!# it’s on!!!!’ Another thing I love in videogames is cool characters; Darksiders gave me plenty to enjoy, AND left me highly anxious to see the other horsemen in their own games.

    5. Split Second- The first race blew me away. I recall being in third place on the last lap, and as I’m driving down the road I look up and see an airplane. No big deal-it reminded me of the helicopters you always see passing by in Ridge Racer games, but it was huge, and close. Then I thought ‘Wait…I think it’s about to crash. OMG!!! What the hell do I do????’ Best rush of adrenaline I’ve ever had from playing ANY game EVER.