Humble Double Fine Bundle launched

Humble Bundle yesterday launched a new pay-what-you-want package of games that's more than acceptable, more than just fine, it's Double Fine. I'll explain the amusing pun: for as much or as little as you fancy paying, you can get Double Fine Productions' lovely games Stacking, Costume Quest, Psychonauts. If you're not stingy, Brutal Legend and Broken Age are up for grabs too.

Go, buy. Paying at least $1 will get you Steam keys for all the games. Brutal Legend is thrown in too if you beat the average price, and you get backer status and access for the crowdfunded adventure game Broken Age at $35 or more. For $70 you can get a t-shirt on top of it all.

Curiously, there's neither hide nor hair of Double Fine's other PC game, Iron Brigade.

As ever, all come DRM-free for PC, Mac and Linux, with this being the Mac and Linux debut for a few of those. Money's split between Double Fine, Humble Bundle, and charity as you see fit.

The deal will run for a fortnight. Hey, here's Tim Schafer making delicious game juice: