Guillotine simulator heads to Oculus Rift

We've heard of some creative applications for the Oculus Rift VR headset, but this might be the best of the bunch. A group of indie developers decided to use their time at the Exile Game Jam to put users in the virtual shoes of a prisoner sentenced to death by decapitation.

GameSpot reports that Disunion, a guillotine simulator from indie devs Andre Berlemont, Erkki Turmmal and Morten Brunbjerg, was created in just two days. It uses head-tracking to allow you to look up at the head-lopper, and down into the basket. When the blade falls, your head appears to have a few seconds of residual sight as it rolls around. You probably don't technically need to lean over a chair to make it work, but judging by the freak-outs in the video, it certainly helps add to the effect.

The group didn't mention if they plan on shopping the idea around, or if it was just for a bit of sadistic fun. If it does go on the market somehow, we expect a lot of Oculus Rift owners to trick their friends into simulating a terrible death.