Dishonored pre-order DLC available to buy May 14

Dishonored was one of our favorites of 2012. It got a good deal of buzz through word-of-mouth, however, so you couldn't be blamed for picking it up after release and missing out on the exclusive pre-order bonuses. The good news is the four pre-order packs will be bundled together into one and put on sale May 14, for $3.99.

Those include the Acrobatic Killer Pack, Arcane Assassin Pack, Backstreet Butcher Pack, and Shadow Rat Pack. each includes some additional bone charms, slots, extra coins, and unhidden books. If you're a fan and still playing this long after launch, chances are you're an effective killer without the extra perks, but you know what they say. Better to be over-prepared than under-prepared. Check out the BethBlog for a full listing of the packs and perks.