Unreal Engine 3 HTML 5 tech demo released

"The Unreal Engine running in a browser without any plugins, purely on HTML 5, WebGL and JavaScript? Pull the other one, lass, it's got bells on," says someone or other. "I bet you believe everything The Man tells you." No, curious character! It's real and everything! Why, you can see for yourself, as Epic has released a browser version of its old UE3 tech demo Epic Citadel for us all to marvel at.

Epic and Firefox maker Mozilla revealed this wonder in March, and now you can see the demo right now in your very own browser--if you have the correct browser that is.

Eventually it should work in any standards-compliant browser, but for now Epic recommends using one of Firefox version 23's nightly builds. Some have suffered crashes in Chrome, so you may want to hold off on trying with that.

Epic's shiny new Unreal Engine 4 will also be able to output HTML games.

If you don't have the right browser or enough hardware muscle, here's a recording of it all: